Schools work

LYPP has established itself as an integral link between The local schools and the wider community for some of the most disengaged young people in Linlithgow and surrounding areas.

At Linlithgow Academy we are involved in delivering personal and social education classes with most year groups, exploring issues such as anti-social behaviour and exam stress. Project staff are also involved in delivering ‘MyLife’ courses to 4th, 5th, 6th years as part of their personal development programme. ‘MyLife’ focuses on dealing with an individual’s character through a series of fun and interactive courses which when completed accredit the student with an ASDAN award.

At Bridgend Primary School we run a weekly lunch time games club for those in primary 6 & 7 where we have fun playing games and crafting. Getting to know the young people while at this important stage in their lives allows to lend support as they prepare and transition in to secondary school.

We are currently involved in creating a link with Scripture Union Scotland and Linlithgow Primary by assisting the current volunteers in staffing the SU group that meets there on a weekly basis.