About Us

Linlithgow Young Peoples Project

Who we are

Linlithgow Young People’s Project (LYPP) is a youth project which was planted in the heart of the community, more than 25 years ago in partnership with the churches in Linlithgow. It’s fundamental purpose then, as it is today was to support the young people of Linlithgow and the surrounding areas in all aspects of their development. Our primary focus is to foster a sense of ‘hope’ in the lives and circumstances of young people we come in contact with.

Today this is done by engaging them in a range of activities which enable them to express themselves in a wide variety of ways and by creating opportunities for them to learn about themselves and develop new skills. The project has grown in size and scope over the years, and has gained support from the churches, the community and wider networks and organisations including Stewart Investors, West Lothian Council and the Robertson Trust.


What we do

LYPP has 3 main areas of work which are co-ordinated from our office, within the ‘Lounge’ youth centre. These areas are Schools Work, Drop In/Youth work at Lounge and youth work in Bridgend. To get an idea of the scale of the work we have been involved in. in 2018, we ran 190 sessions, with an average of 15 young people per session in Lounge and 20 in Bridgend, giving a total of 3350 contacts with LYPP.

To find out about our recent work check out our projects page.


How we run

LYPP is managed by a Board of 5 Directors and a Treasurer who are also representatives of 2 local churches who between them hold expertise in financial, banking and insurance disciplines and meet 8 times per year. The day-to-day management of the project is overseen by the LYPP project manager, who holds responsibility for staff, volunteers and delivery of the organisation’s activities.


Meet The Team

On a daily basis you will find those below in our office. We couldn’t do what we do however without our fantastic team of volunteers and sessional staff.

Elaine Kinloch

Project Manager

Graeme Lacey

Senior Youth Worker

Russell Shields

Youth And School’s Worker

Katherine Orr

Youth Support Worker