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Upcycling Project

Part of our Drop In club on a Friday afternoon includes our Upcycling Project. Each week we take something old and battered and try to upcycle it into something we can use in the Lounge or give to someone who needs it. One of our biggest projects was our bookshelf, we took an old battered bookshelf and turned into a beautiful bright bookshelf that everyone can use. We also turned an old stationary unit into a place to store our free period products.


We paired up with an organisation called FLOW who provided us with a load of period products in a bid to help end period poverty.









We also created a treasure chest to act as a donation box!

Skatepark Project

This summer we have been running free skate sessions on Friday afternoons for the young people. These have been hugely popular and formed a brand new bunch of young skaters keen for a skate park in Linlithgow.

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